Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Survivor

Meet Clancy, a therapy dog.  I found Clancy on a website dedicated to promoting a positive image of pit bulls.  Peanut won't mind sharing the limelight a little bit.  

Clancy spent a lot of his life fighting for survival in dog fighting rings, now he is a survivor.  The scars on his face tell the story. 

On Vacation

Today I dropped Peanut off at Bella's house.  Bella, the pomeranian, has agreed to keep Peanut company while I visit friends in Boston this weekend.  When we arrived, Peanut promptly stole Bella's chew bone and finished of her breakfast.  I'm pretty sure Bella was re-thinking her decision to host.  This is the picture I received from Bella's person, Sezan.  Clearly Peanut is still making herself right at home.... I'm sure Bella is thinking "Oh sure.... stretch out, relax, stay awhile.... I'm going to pee on the rug and blame it on you."

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pit Bulls Like Girl Scout Cookie Season Too...

In one of her less than helpful moments, I caught Peanut eyeing my Girl Scout Cookies right after being scolded for casually snatching one.  I had been distracted, chatting with my roommate, and set the last bite of a cookie down on a book.  When I looked there was nothing but a wet smudge left in its place.

On a side note:  RIP Hedgehog (pictured above) a toy that we had for over a year, Hedgehog had survived multiple re-stuffings and had one of the most resilient squeakers I've ever come across.  He will be missed.

You Aren't Making This Easy

We survived midterms and it seems that we have been vaulted into finals.  Right as it's getting warm outside and the cherry blossoms are blooming Peanut and I have been inundated with decisions like "What courses should I take next semester?" and "Should I write my final paper on NSC-68 or Paul Nitze?"  As I'm caught up in the hurricane of decisions and deadlines Peanut peers from behind my computer screen.... "I thought it was over, you said after midterms we would get to relax."

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A World of Post-Its

Peanut and I have just barely survived this semester's first midterm:  40+ hours, over 1,000 pages of sources, 3 packages of color coded sticky notes, 2 emotional melt downs on public transportation, an entire box of Girl Scout Cookies, and all for 12 pages of final product.  Through this process, Peanut and I can only spend so much time in one position so I move from desk to floor, and she from dog bed to carpet.  Here were were laying on our bellies reading about the rise of the Soviet Union.  When I stuck my sticky note on her paw so that I could see the page numbers I had written on it while I flipped through the book, she patiently held it for me -- We're a team, and we'll get through this together.